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Upload a gene expression table

ExpressAnalyst currently supports gene expression profiling and functional analysis for 25 organisms based on user feedback, including 11 model species, 5 pathogens and 9 ecological species. In addition, ExpressAnalyst also supports generic annotation based on KEGG orthologs (KO), as well as custom annotation. If your organism is not within the list, leave the organism unspecified, and you can still perform basic expression profiling such as differential analysis, volcano plot, heatmap clustering, etc.

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Affymetrix Human Genome U95 GeneChip (hgu95av2) data, normalized, log 2 scale (8 samples)
Gene expression of a breast-cancer cell line (source) . Estrogen Receptor (ER): present, absent; Time (hour): 10, 48
Illumina BeadArrays - Refseq ID, normalized, log 2 scale (12 samples) Gene expression in human PBMC using LPS as inducer (details) Treatment: Control, LPS, LPS_LPS; Donor: 21, 46, 86, 92
C. japonica toxicity
RNAseq data Entrez Gene ID, raw counts (15 samples) Gene expression response in C. japonica from an early life stage toxicity experiment Treatment: Control, Medium, High;
Non-model organisms
RNAseq data Seq2Fun ID, raw counts (17 samples) Comparative transcriptomics of limb regeneration (details) Time: Time0, Time24; Species: A. mexicanum (MEX), A. andersoni (AND), A. maculatum (MAC).
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