RNAseq Processing

This module accepts RNAseq files and converts them into a feature count table for downstream statistical and functional analysis.

  • For RNAseq from organisms without reference genome, ExpressAnalyst uses our Seq2Fun algorithm to perform sensitive translated searches to identify and quantify homologous protein sequences using comprehensive databases for ~30 taxonomic groups covering >600 organisms.
  • For RNAseq from species with reference genomes, ExpressAnalyst uses the Kallisto algorithm with built-in reference genomes for ~20 common organisms.

Since uploading large files can be very time consuming, we offer three different options to address diverse needs:

Local processing
We highly recommend using the Docker version for local RNAseq processing. The pipeline can run well on a modern laptop or workstation with ≥8G RAM and 100G free disc space
Online processing (public)
  • You need to register an account first.
  • The maximum uploading time per session is 4 hour; the maximum storage per user is 30 GB.
  • You may need to wait for your turn to upload data if there are many users.
Online processing (pro)
  • Subscribe to the pro version
  • Save the files to your Google Drive, and share the folder with us;
  • Paste the link at data upload page and start the job!