ExpressAnalyst is part of our solution towards a unified platform for RNAseq analysis

News & Updates

  • Added support for Mongolian gerbil (M. unguiculatus) (04/13/2022);
  • Code cleaning and interface enhancement (03/14/2022);
  • Fixed the issue associated with empty columns in the abundance table (01/28/2022);
  • Users can now perform GO analysis for any non-model species profiled by Seq2Fun (01/20/2022);
  • Added support for Seq2Fun output to enable streamlined analysis of gene expression data from any species (01/19/2022);
  • Migrating raw RNAseq processing from Galaxy to EcoOmicsAnalyst for better interface and support (01/07/2022);
  • Upgraded to PrimeFaces 11 (12/14/2021);
  • Added support for Hyalella azteca (12/09/2021);
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