News & Updates

  • Please reach us via our OmicsForum to ask questions related to ExpressAnalyst.
  • Enhanced support for complex metadata table upload and differential expression analysis with covariate adjustment (03/23/2023);
  • Updated databases and tutorials for RNAseq raw data processing (02/23/2023);
  • Updated H azteca gene annotation database based on the latest annotation (02/15/2023);
  • Code refactoring for better performance (01/06/2023);
  • Fixed the issue with Upset plot generation (01/03/2023);
  • Upgraded to the latest R version 4.2.2 (12/15/2022);
  • Fixed an issue Seq2Fun ID and JS code refactoring (11/15/2022);
  • Added an example dataset and related tutorial for Seq2Fun output (10/25/2022);
  • Added R command history and ExpressAnalystR tutorial (10/01/2022);
  • Updated tutorials based on the latest version (09/01/2022);
  • Enhanced support for generic genes based on KO and Seg2Fun IDs (08/22/2022);
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