ExpressAnalyst is part of our solution towards a unified platform for RNAseq analysis

News & Updates

  • Updated tutorials based on the latest version (09/01/2022);
  • Enhanced support for generic genes based on KO and Seg2Fun IDs (08/22/2022);
  • Fixed ORA heatmap issue and improved Ridgeline chart (07/12/2022);
  • Minor improvements of enrichment network and user interface (07/05/2022);
  • Fixed the issue in data upload for meta-analysis (06/22/2022);
  • Switching from FAQs page to using OmicsForum (06/17/2022);
  • Replaced gene-level box plot with violin plot (06/01/2022);
  • Added support for interactive ridge line plot (05/31/2022);
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